Joshua Leonard

Joshua Leonard is a Los Angeles based actor, writer and filmmaker who first garnered attention for his memorable role in the 1999’s lo-fi thriller The Blair Witch Project. In 2000, he appeared in HBO’s Sacrifice, starring Michael Madsen and Bokeem Woodbine, and in In the Weeds, starring Eric Bogosian and Molly Ringwald. Leonard made his studio film debut with Cuba Gooding, Jr. in Men of Honor and followed with an appearance in Scott Kalvert’s Deuces Wild in 2001.  In 2004, he starred in the horror film, Madhouse. [ view more ]

Michael C. Williams

Michael C. Williams of the Blair Witch Project and Altered took a different career path from the entertainment industry and is currently a middle school guidance counselor and an acting teacher at the Jacob Burns Film Center in southern New York State.  Mike thoroughly enjoys fishing as well as meeting the many fans of the Blair Witch Project.  You can check out his blog at and he hopes to meet you at the next horror con!!

Eduardo Sanchez

Eduardo Sanchez was born in Cuba in 1968. It was at a young age he gained an interest in film making. At Wheaton High School Ed made school movie projects such as Shrimp Fried Vice and Pride (in the name of Love) all of which starred his friends and family, as well as Ed himself.

After High School Ed studied at Montgomery College where he continued to make movies like Star Trek Demented. He later got accepted to the University of Central Florida where he made Gabriel’s Dream, a film which he thought was going to be his big break, but that didn’t come for almost another decade. In 1997 he and a close friend Daniel Myrick got together and started production on the most successful movie (budget to gross) ever, the The Blair Witch Project (1999). It was a world-wide hit and has become one of the most spoofed films of all time.

– IMDb Mini Biography By: Steve Dutton

Daniel Myrick

Along with collaborating with future Blair Witch cohorts Eduardo Sánchez and Gregg Hale on a trilogy of short films, Myrick supported himself by working as an editor and cinematographer on a number of Florida-based music videos and commercials. After he wrote and directed the promo for the Florida Film Festival in 1997, Myrick’s work caught the eye of independent film guru John Pierson, helping to set the stage for the eventual 1999 debut of Myrick and Sanchez’s first feature as co-writers and directors.

In 2006, he co-founded Raw Feed, a direct to DVD division of Warner Home Video that specializes in horror films, with The X-Files executive producer John Shiban and 24 executive producer Tony Krantz.