As a youngster, Butch Patrick played “Eddie Munster” on The Munsters (1964) and starred in the Krofft Saturday morning series Lidsville (1971). 1971 – 1973 also brought this teen heartthrob into the hit show American Bandstand, and the ever popular game show The Dating Game. At this time Butch, the ripe ole age of 19, decided to leave Hollywood behind. In 1983 with MTV on the air Butch formed a band Eddie and the Monsters. They were actually the first unsigned act ever to be seen. This led to the show the Basement Tapes, a program designed to give exposure to unsigned musical acts. Unfortunately all things were not perfect for Butch. He had his own issues with his life, not only cancer but 40 years of alcohol and drug abuse. But today he’s been clean and sober nearly 3 1/2 years and works with others that have addiction issues as well. Currently living in Long Island, New York. He completed his Biography with author Helen Darras. The book, published in early 2008, details Butch’s first exciting 25 years in Hollywood and is entitled “Eddie Munster AKA Butch Patrick.” Today Butch, usually booked solid for Halloween parties and events due to his “Munsters” association, also receives scripts and works the indie movie circuit giving back to the industry that served him well.  You can see him most recently on He Drives at Night and the tv show TV Therapy.


You can now book Butch with the Munsters cars for your event today!  Butch Patrick will make a personal appearance along with The Munster Koach, Grandpa’s Dragula, The 1964 Gold Schwinn Stingray Bicycle designed & built by George Barris & Von Dutch, and “Little Eddie’s” Go Kart built by Grandpa.