Australian born actress Catherine Sutherland, is best known for playing Katherine “Kat” Hillard, the Pink Ranger in the legendary hit kids show, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. She continued her role for three seasons in Power Ranger Zeo, Power Ranger Turbo, and Power Ranger Turbo the Movie. With over 100 episodes filmed in the series. After Power Rangers she went on to perform in the film, The Cell starring Jennifer Lopez, and various commercials.  You may also recognize her voice on one of your children’s toys, video games.

Most recently, Catherine self published her first children’s book The Boy with the Heart in his sleeve, a story of being true to who you are and not who the world tells you to be. She has several other writing projects in the works including a novel. called Power Rangers Playback. It has all kinds of content from episode reviews, comedic skits, a trivia game show and live interviews. In 2021 they added a Podcast to their resume called Super Chat with Cat & Nakia which is growing in subscribers rapidly!