Debbie Rochon is a Canadian B-movie actress and former stage performer, best known for her work in over 200 independent horror movies and counter-culture films. Her cinematic journey began when she was a preteen and cast as an extra in the cult punk rock classic, Ladies And Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains. After moving to New York City in 1984, Debbie worked with numerous off-off Broadway theater companies, performing in over 25 stage productions when she started to land small roles in films. Soon the parts grew bigger and bigger, until she reached leading lady status. Since then Debbie has starred in dozens of horror movies and has gained cult stardom worldwide. Although she is mostly associated with creepy features and thrillers because of her evenly-shaped, dark-haired appearance on and off camera, she has garnered acclaim for her turns in comedy and drama. Debbie is as equally drawn to broad, absurdist comedy as she is to deeply dramatic, horrifying horror roles enjoy creating complex and off-kilter characters for the screen.

Debbie has said, “I love working, that’s the bottom line.”  And her fans are grateful that she does.  In September, 2013 at the BUTFF in Breda, Holland, she received a special surprise at the awards ceremony, the Exult Fan appreciation award, exclusively designed for her by Herman van den Broek.  This was the most recent in a very long list of awards and accomplishments, starting in 1994 with the Hubcap Awards founder Joe Bob Briggs crowning her runner-up Best Actress of the year for her work on Abducted II: The Reunion. In 1995, she was recognized for her work as the conniving television producer in Broadcast Bombshells, winning the Barbarella Award.  In 2002 Rochon was crowned “Scream Queen of the Decade” (1990–1999) by Draculina magazine.  She also received Best Psychette Award 2002 (Best Female Psycho in a Movie) for her work in American Nightmare. In 2011, she won The Golden Cob Award for her work in Alien Vengeance and she was named Best Actress Award at the Macabre Faire Film Festival 2012 for her role in The Tell Tale Heart.  She was inducted into the B-Movie Hall of Fame in 2004 and has won over a dozen more awards for her film work.

Perhaps best known for her work with Troma Entertainment, Debbie first appeared as Edna Purlmutte for the satirical The Troma System. She went on to appear in Tromeo and Juliet, Terror Firmer, Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV and episodes of Troma’s Edge TV. In November 2006, Troma released Debbie Rochon Confidential featuring previously unreleased footage from Rochon’s years working with Troma.  She was a featured guest player on Fox’s New York UndercoverShe has also appeared in a number of TV documentaries covering the horror genre and starred as a guest judge on episode 4, season 2 of VH1 Scream Queens. She can be seen in the upcoming movie, Death House, releasing 2017.

Debbie also hosted four different radio shows in NYC from terrestrial to satellite. She most recently finished a four year run on Sirius/XM hosting Fangoria Radio with Dee Snider and Tony Timpone.  She appears regularly at Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors conventions and others.

Since 1993, Debbie has written for dozens of genre publications.  She currently pens for The Phantom of the Movies’ Videoscope mag and has a comedic, yet frightfully insightful, column in Fangoria called “Diary of the Deb.”  She has also been the subject in multiple books penned on genre films and has graced the cover of over 45 magazines.

Debbie has a movie hitting DVD August 19th 2014 VARSITY BLOOD. September and October you will see the DVD releases of SERIAL KALLER and DRY BONES.

She hosted females in horror doc which will be featured on the UK release of GRADUATION DAY in the UK as well.

She was presented with the first Ingrid Pitt Excellence and Perseverance in Horror Award in 2013 by Ms. Pitt’s estate. Her directorial debut “Model Hunger” has already garnered many accolades including Jury Award, Audience Choice Award and Best Feature Film Award among other wins in the 2015 film festival circuit.

CONGRATS to DEBBIE ROCHON who won Best Magazine Column (Fangoria) in the 2015 Rondo Hatton Awards!

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 the Sci-Fi movie SOLID STATE that just came out on Blu-Ray