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Erika has been an actor for years and a “secret writer“ .  The Native Californian shares a dual citizenship to Canada, as well. Her résumé includes many television and film productions, since she started working in the industry at the early age of ten. She worked throughout her school years with a tutor on sets and eventually graduated from Van Nuys High School. Fresh out of high school, she joined the cast of the original Baywatch series, which she was on for two years. After that, she has worked on many projects throughout the years.

Erika’s acting career has taken her down many roads and by the grace of God, she has enjoyed being a part of some incredible productions, such as the amazing film, E.T. Currently she lives in California with her six year old daughter, Indyanna, who is the light of her life. Erika likes to say, “My daughter has given ME life. I love children. They truely are the purest among us.” Erika wrote What Do You Do If You Loose Your Lalabaloo with the intention of helping children find their voice, to know that they have an amazing and trustworthy guide inside of themselves and that they can always rely on it. Erika grew up without a lot of self-confidence. If she could bestow on gift upon her child, it would be for her to believe in herself and to trust her inner voice. She would love to give that gift to ALL children. She is very grateful for each day God gives her and hopes she can contribute to the happiness of others through her book and the rest of her journey throughout life.

There you will find a complete resume and filmography. Erika’s most current projects include the independent film, Meant To Be, Lifetime movie Holiday Spin, Cor Values, Lolipop Game, and Marilyn Monroe Back? (Pre-Production)

Fans can also find her on Twitter: @ErikaEleniak

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