Erika Ervin (known professionally as Amazon Eve) is an American transgender model,fitness trainer, and actress. She has appeared on the cover of Australian magazine Zoo Weekly and played a recurring character on American Horror Story: Freak Show. At 6 feet 8 inches (2.03 m) tall, news stories have called her “the world’s tallest model”.

Ervin ventured to obtain roles as an actress but gave up on the idea when she was constantly offered roles as an alien or monster. Later she studied law and exercise physiology. Tired of the office life that she had pursued and unhappy with her weight, she joined a gym but strived for an unrealistic size 0 physique that almost resulted in ending her life. Eventually she developed a healthier body image and began to view herself as a super-sized version of Super Woman and became a personal trainer devoted to instilling realistic expectations for herself and her clients. She tours the world participating in height comparison photo shoots and regular modeling jobs and posts her tour on her website.

In 2011 she was crowned the World’s Tallest Professional Model by Guinness World Records.

You can see her most recently in films Chimera Strain, Falling South, Dead Squad: Temple of the Undead and TV shows Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Smothered.