Film composer Harry Manfredini specialises in writing for horror films, but is also a song writer and jazz soloist. From his haunting dramatic scores for The Friday the 13th films, to his adventurous music for The Omegma Code, Harry Manfredini has established himself as a motion picture music composer of the same style as Bernard Herrmann.

Manfredini’s works in the film industry began when he joined Sean S. Cunningham for his low budget film Manny’s Orphans (1978) in 1978, but it was his haunting score for Paramount’s 1980 major motion picture Friday the 13th (1980) that really gave the film its ideal and realistic and suspensful score. Friday the 13th was also directed by Sean Cunningham, and Manfredini continued creating the scores for all the Friday the 13th sequels except for Part 8 which was taken over by Fred Mollin.

Manfredini’s scores for House (1985), DeepStar Six (1989) and Cameron’s Closet (1988) also confirmed his appeal as a popular horror film composer, but he has also composed for adventure, comedy and family films including Spring Break (1983), Aces: Iron Eagle III (1992) and Follow Your Heart (1999). In recent years, he has composed the scores for major motion pictures, including Wes Craven’s Wishmaster (1997), The Omega Code (1999) and recently Jason X (2001) for New Line Cinema.