J. LaRose

To say that J. LaRose is a busy man would be an understatement. Having appeared in nearly 50 titles in both television and film since his spot on 1998′s From the Earth to the Moon (TV mini-series), he currently has ten projects slated for release in 2014, including The Legacy of Avril Kyte, HeartBreak, Hidden in the Woods, Sleepwalkers, Big Top Evil, Paymon, Sex Ed, and The Genesis of Lincoln. Often described as one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, J. is still able to provide huge scares onscreen, as seen in his recurring role of the long haired fiend in the Insidious franchise. Some of his other acting credits include the films Now You See Me, The Tortured, Rockabilly Zombie Weekend, Fear Itself, The Tenant, and the television series Banshee, Running Wilde, and Mind of Mencia.

Born in Northern California but raised in Chicago, it took LaRose many years of working in the corporate world to realize that he wasn’t cut out for the 9-5 grind and wanted to act professionally. After making the fateful decision to get into show business, he took on as much training as possible, performing in local theatres, taking commercial work, and landing roles in a few independent films and TV shows. After making his Hollywood film debut as Troy, a helpless victim of Jigsaw in Saw III, LaRose immersed himself in training and took to smaller projects to help sharpen his skills He worked with SAW Director, Darren Lynn Bousman, on multiple projects in addition to Saw III and IV.

He played the lead in both Butterfly Dreams and Identity Lost and appeared in cult fan favorites Repo! The Genetic Opera (both the short and feature films), as well as The Devil’s CarnivalMother’s Day, and The Barrens). A new commentary track with director Darren Lynn Bousman and Larose was included on the Director’s Cut DVD of Saw III. Look for J in the upcoming releases of Day One, Free Ride, Wind Walkers, and Dark Places.

To find out more about J., please visit www.jlarose.com or follow him on Twitter: @j_larose