Jason Faunt grew up in the Chicago suburb of McHenry, Illinois. He attended McHenry High School East Campus. Due to his athletic prowess in high school, he used a partial baseball scholarship to attend the University of North Carolina, where he earned a business degree. He originally was going to become a major-league baseball player after graduating, but moved to Los Angeles instead to pursue an acting career. He is best-known for playing the role of the Red Time Force Ranger in Power Rangers Time Force.

In recent years, he has appeared in TV movies such as 666: Teen Warlock and the film Bad People. He has a TV series, Dystopia, in post-production, and in 2017, he is set to act in the upcoming film The Order along other former Power Rangers actors.

Jason has two children with his wife, Stephanie.

You can see Jason most recently in “Power Rangers Ninja Steel”, “Dystopia”, “The Wrong Mr. Right” and “Honeymoon in Paradise”.  Currently he’s working on the following films in pre-production “For Nothing”, “Legend of the White Dragon”, and “Star Trek Renegades Ominara”.

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