Laura Ortiz is a Colombian actress best known for Guardians of the Galaxy, The Hills Have Eyes and HortonHears a Who!.

With her charming look and spunky voice, she has become a staple on the Disney Channel where she has voiced Vicky Fickling and Pirahnica on the animated series American Dragon: Jake Long and Fish Hooks, respectively. She also played a Tortured Pink Girl in Guardians of the Galaxy. She is featured recurring in the TV series Holliston as well as voicing different characters in Robot Chicken.

Closer to home, Laura stars in the popular web hit on the Nerdist Network The Real Housewives of Horror. It’s a mock reality show that follows the lives of women married to iconic horror slashers, reformed or otherwise; and like the women of Orange County and New Jersey before them, they capitalize on their marriages to make an entertaining television show. Crossing horror with comedy and blurring the line between reality and fiction, “The Real Housewives of Horror” takes a hatchet to popular horror tropes.

Laura recently has been on multiple episodes of the TV series “Heart Baby Eggplant”.

Catch Laura in Adam Green’s web series Scary Sleepover! Episode 1.8: Listen as she joins Adam to tell a lot of stories, faces off in a heated game of Battleship, and shares her biggest fears.