It was 1999, Michael C. Williams was living in the spotlight, famous for his role -using his own name- as one of three doomed filmmakers in The Blair Witch Project, the little horror flick that became one of the movie industry’s biggest success stories.  Shot on an initial $25,000 budget, ‘Blair’ went on to gross almost $250 million.  Michael subsequently appeared in television programs such as Law & Order and Without a Trace and in the films The Objective and Altered.

Williams, born in The Bronx, New York, then decided on a different career path from the entertainment industry and is currently a middle school guidance counselor and an acting teacher at the Jacob Burns Film Center in southern New York State.

“I learned a lot from the experience of ‘Blair Witch,’ and the biggest thing I learned is that I just enjoy working with professionals,” he says. “I enjoy the craft of acting. I love being on film sets.”

Currently, Mike has joined forces again with fellow Blair Witch Project actor, Joshua Leonard and Blair Witch Project director, Eduardo Sanchez.  The trio have created a 14 webisode series spoofing The Blair Witch Project.  It’s called Four Corners of Fear !

Mike also enjoys fishing – check out his blog at

Additionally, he loves meeting the many fans of The Blair Witch Project and hopes to meet you at the next horror con!