Raised back stage and behind the scenes of several plays, musical events and blues/jazz reviews, Monique’s entertainment education took her to performances in productions of ‘For Colored Girls’ and ‘Cry of the people’ on small stages in her home town of Newark N.J at a fairly early age.

Then straight to her film debut in Lean on me (1989) a film her brother Tony Todd co-starred in. She has been performing and modeling ever since.

While best known for her Horror, Genre and Grind house projects “Post Mortem America 2021Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned (2008). Her work has been as varied as her look from performance to performance. Her versatile career has included independent Wrestling (House of Hardcore) as “Double Duprees “, to Art house/independent films Handsome Harry(2009)  (2007)The Trouble with Bliss (2011), also roles in Major films “American Gangster” (2010) Step up 3D” (2010) and also has appeared in Television Law and Order (2008) The Culinary Adventures of Baron Ambrosia (2011) and The Chainsaw Sally Show (2012).

Monique’s talents are also documented in Comic books Gingerstein, Frosty, A Cat o Nine Tales,

Just to top off a few more of Monique’s vast abilities she has also appeared in web series Spade and even singing for the rock band Negro Childe.

Currently filming, “The Perfect Letter” and Sex, Blood and Fairy Tales, and “Redlight Kate” in pre-production it shows that Monique Dupree continues to push the limits and break the boundaries of the ‘Scream Queen’ title with a massive body of work spanning the creative/ entertainment fields with flare, endless talent and stunning beauty.

JUST RELEASED!!! Monique’s own comic series ORIGINAL GATA!

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