Nick Principe was raised in New England by a full-blooded Irish mom and a full-blooded Italian dad, to which he inherited his mom’s heart….and his father’s fists.

At a very early age, Nick’s dad insisted he box; he also trained in Kenpo karate until he was 16, which led him to competing in kickboxing tournaments.   Nick’s life was changed at 16 when he went to a hardcore punk show in Boston.  He was convinced he’d found his path – having already been self-taught on bass guitar, drums, and electric guitar – and he began playing with countless hard corepunk bands and singing for CTK.

Music took Nick around the globe twice over but in 2002,completely fatigued from touring, he called it quits and moved to California.  After two months of working at a music store in LA, he took a chance at working in production on the Fox TV show, America’s Most Wanted and was quickly promoted to 2nd AD by his second season on the show. Growing bored with production work, he moved to the prop department and joined the Local 44 Prop Master’s Union.  From there, he set dressed such shows as Dexter (Seasons 1-3) and Heroes (Season 1). He was also the prop master for Rob Zombie’s remake of Halloween. While having a deep passion for filmmaking, he still desired to work in front of the camera in his favorite kinds of films – horror and action. With his extensive background in boxing and martial arts, his jump to stunt work was quick.  He was then handpicked to play “Chromeskull” in Rob Hall’s Laid to Rest, the highest selling horror DVD of 2009.

After playing Chromeskull, he gained an agent and began acting in everything from comedy to drama but was still pursuing his favorite genre of horror, saying “I’ll take any stunt gig but I’m a lil’ selective when it comes to acting.  But I’m still grateful for any role I’m offered.” In 2011, he reprised his role as Chromeskull in Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2.  In 2012, he had three starring roles, including Nobody Can Cool and co-starred in countless films, Army of the Damned and Self Storage to name a few. His latest projects to be on the lookout for are: Disciples, American Muscle, Stockholm, Collar, Seed 2: The New Breed, and The Devil’s Tree.

Most recently, Nick can be seen in Tales of Halloween, Lavalantula, and The Purge: Election Year, and has several films in post-production!