Paranormal Xpeditions (PXP) is a paranormal group comprised of three young women from the Boston-area.  These three female personalities fearlessly search in the darkest corners of the world for the answers to the questions of so many.  Their goal is to bring people the circumstances of what happened in these haunted locations; to find the truth about the existence of life after death through audio, visual, and physical confirmation.

Paranormal Xpeditions consists of Rachel Hoffman, Danielle Minacapelli and Tina Storer.  They travel fearlessly through the most haunted places known to man and they do it in style.  These ladies journey to places that previously were only occupied by men; offering their unique, feminine perspective and getting reactions that only they could get.

The group was featured in the debut episode of the Travel Channel’s Paranormal Challenge.  They caused quite a stir with their overt girlishness and glamorous approach to paranormal investigation but quickly proved their worth by capturing the most stunning audio evidence aired on the show to date.

The ladies have a certain charisma and chemistry together. Nothing is faked or forced. It is a nice flow that is easy to relate to. Each girl has a unique perspective and incredible reaction in regards to each location and circumstance.

Rachel Hoffman is the Team Leader/Forensic Specialist who has seen spirits for as long as she can remember.  This has caused her to explore and venture to understand what happens in the afterlife.  Rachel is the one always running toward danger in every situation.

Tina Storer is the Team Expert Photographer with a keen eye and a heart of gold.  Bravely, she overcomes the impulse to run, staring the paranormal in the face and asking it to smile big for the camera. She has won the title “brave heart” since she faces her fears in the name of their paranormal expeditions

Danielle Minacapelli is the Team Skeptic; she keeps the group grounded by questioning and debunking.  Unbelievably gorgeous, she has no limit to her artistic style and talent.

The trio don’t generally charge for their services. They are always grateful to have access to a new location but they do accept travel expenses if travel is involved.

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