Patrick Barnitt is Star Trek’s go-to Borg, appearing in nearly every iteration of modern Trek, from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine to Star Trek: Voyager. Best known for his performances as a Borg, Barnitt appeared in all but two major Borg episodes of Voyager. He also appeared as a Borg in Star Trek: First Contact and was one of the stand-ins for Patrick Stewart on Star Trek: Insurrection.

Barnitt appeared on the cover of TV Guide as a Borg with Kate Mulgrew on 10 May 1997 and was also featured with fellow Borg Louis Ortiz and Captain Janeway in an episode of Access Hollywood covering the TV Guide shoot. On the movie poster for Star Trek: First Contact, he is the Borg in the very front, directly beneath Picard. His Borg likeness appears on disc #2 of the Star Trek: Fan Collective – Borg DVD set.

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Outside the Star Trek universe, Barnitt was actor Kevin Spacey‘s stand-in and photo-double in the acclaimed 1995 film Se7en.  His association with Star Trek led to his re-teaming with First Contact and Insurrection director Jonathan Frakes on the 2002 film, Clockstoppers.

Patrick has appeared in several Los Angeles stage productions, including The Caine Mutiny Court Martial, directed by Harry Mastrogeorge.  He also appeared as the infamous Otto Preminger in the drama, Dorothy and Otto.  In 2005, he appeared as “The Crooner” in the award-winning ultra-hip 60’s-style stage show, Shag with a Twist.

Barnitt has starred in the 2006 comedy cult-classic, The Waiters.  He has also appeared in several other independent features, including The Ones, The 65th Sense, Agent Fifteen, Murph and Enough is Enough. His other credits include the NBC series Working and a part in the 2006 film Smokin’ Aces.

Most recently, Patrick portrayed Jack Samms in the horror/thriller, Coffin, (see the trailer here: and appeared as a “Walker” in the award winning Walking Dead webisode, “Cold Storage.”

A dynamic and popular LA vocalist, Patrick is perhaps best known for his frequent live performances at The Dresden in Hollywood with the famed duo Marty and Elayne, He regularly performs in nightclubs and venues throughout Los Angeles.  His debut recording in 2001, When the Time is Right,  features legendary songwriter and pianist Howlett (Smitty) Smith.  Smith produced, arranged and played on the album and also wrote three of its songs.  The CD features Tamir Hendelman on piano, Christoph Luty on bass (of the Jeff Hamilton Trio) and Dean Koba on drums.  The CD’s title song, “When the Time is Right” was featured in a 2002 episode of the hit series, The Chronicle on the Sci-fi Channel and was also featured as the title track in The Waiters.

Most recently Patrick can be seen as Petey in “Cross: Rise of the Villains.

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