Born in Montclair, New Jersey in 1965. He discovered acting in his mid-20s in New York, where he was trained at Lee Strasberg’s studio. Then his deep voiced, tall and pale persona showed up on TV and films in 1990. His first leading roles were in Laws of Gravity and Clean, Shaven, the latter of which got him noticed by Quentin Tarantino. The next year, he played the memorable role of the raping torturer Zed in Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.

He was then cast as the leading villain opposite Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz in The Mask, and as Redfoot in highly acclaimed crime drama The Usual Suspects. In addition, the same year he had a supporting role as a bad guy in the Steven Seagal film Under Siege 2: Dark Territory.

Greene has also played memorable roles in the films Blue Streak, Ticker, Training Day, Brothers in Arms, End Game, Fist of the Warrior, The Bounty Hunter, Once Fallen, and the TV series The Black Donellys.

He’s made guest appearances in the TV series Hawaii Five-O and Justified, appeared as a policeman in Prodigy of Mobb Deep’s music video for “A,B,C’s”, and was the focal point of House of Pain’s music video for “Fed Up”.

Greene has continued to work primarily as a character actor, most recently having finished filming two movies, Body Brokers and Assassin’s Vow.


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