About Us


Missy Gordon

What started out as a favor to friends, has now turned into a business for me. I have merged my 19 years of experience in the business world of accounting, event planning, and a travel agent into the wonderful world of celebrity booking. I have combined them all together with the responsibility of custom catering to clients in booking appearances.

Along the way I’ve been blessed with many celebrity clients, as well as the responsibility of their fan pages. Two of my personal favorites are Tony Todd and Kane Hodder. Most will recognize these gentlemen as Candyman and Jason from Friday the 13th, but I’m lucky enough to call them friends. Follow us now to keep up with these amazing actors and people.


***Along with The Scarlet Abbey, Missy Gordon works with clients and other companies on a variety of projects. If you are interested in having Missy help you with your project, drop her a line under contact page.

Missy Gordon runs Kane Hodder’s fan club and The Scarlet Abbey is a proud supporter of the charity, Scares That Cares.