Duane Whitaker, a native of Lubbock Texas, has spent the last 30 years as one of Hollywood’s most entertaining hyphenates. As an actor, Whitaker is most recognized as Maynard, the sadistic pawn shop owner, in Pulp Fiction. Of course, you don’t walk onto the set of a ground breaking film like Pulp Fiction without paying […]


Peter GreeneThe MaskPulp FictionThe Black Donnellys Born in Montclair, New Jersey in 1965. He discovered acting in his mid 20s in New York, where he was trained at Lee Strasberg’s studio. Then his deep voiced, tall and pale persona showed up on TV and films in 1990. His first leading roles were in Laws of […]


Stephen Hibbert was born on September 19, 1960 in Fleetwood, England, UK. He is a writer and actor, known for Pulp Fiction (1994), Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) and The Cat in the Hat (2003). He was previously married to Alicia Agos and Julia Sweeney.